What if you could reach a healthy weight and feel at peace with your body?

You can.

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I hopped on the dieting merry-go-round year after year...

This time last year you said emphatically, "That's it!  This is the year I am going to lose this extra weight once and for all!" And then you tried and felt like a failure once again.

I said those same words year after year.  I was successful in my weight loss efforts many times but I could  never keep it off. I hopped on the dieting merry-go-round year after year, looking for something that worked.

 The frustration was never-ending as I cursed the scale. I desperately wanted to reach a healthier weight.  I hated being a size 20.  I didn't like how I felt - and how I felt about myself.  I hated the fire that my thighs created. And I disliked gasping for air as I huffed up the back stairs during patient rounds.

I followed the crowd and did what everyone else did.  I counted calories. Or, I counted macros.  High carb. Low carb. High fat.  Low fat.  You name it, I probably tried it!

In spite of everything I tried, there was still a missing link, but it would be years (and 3 degrees later!) before I began to put the pieces together.    


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What if there was a different way?
I can assure you there is.

Some say that anything worth having is worth the struggle.  But how much should you really struggle to reach a healthy weight?

The weight loss journey should be nothing like we often define it.  It's not about perfection.  It's not about self-deprecation.  And it definitely isn't about the "do not eat" lists.  

Whether you have 60lbs or 100lbs of excess weight that you are lugging around, it's time to let it go.  Give up the struggle.  

Give in to the harmony of what it feels like to welcome your healthy body as you define your vibrant life. 

Connect with me to see how I can support your adventure to a healthy weight and a vibrant life.

C'mon. You deserve your attention.


Integrative Holistic Weight Loss 

Hi, I'm Rebecca and I teach women how to deliberately create a healthy body through science-based nutrition implementation, self-awareness, and sustaining lifestyle practices.


Acknowledging that we  need to "reduce our excess weight" in theory means admitting we are not okay with the way things currently are.  In order to  deliberately move in a different direction, the first step is to acknowledge something we dislike or do not want.  The question is, how  long have you lived in that state of discord?   How is that state of disharmony serving you?

It isn't always easy to recognize where we currently are, although visually we are sure we can see it - at least what we don't like!  Step into the harmony of what it feels like to be  completely aligned in your health goals.  Step into what it feels like to develop a sense of never-ending, unconditional love and compassion for yourself that inspires you to take action.  

Let's design your unique adventure to a healthy body.

Let's work together in order to deliberately create a healthier you - one step at a time

If you are saying, "Enough is enough!  I deserve a healthy body, and I will take steps towards that goal today."  

Connect with me.

A journey should be an adventure, no matter how it's defined, or where it begins.